Von Xon is a musician, composer and songwriter that has the ability to wrap genres together in an unparalleled way. A New York-native, he pulls from the eclectic mix of musical styles saturating the Big Apple Music Scene. Von believes in making music from a passionate and sincere place, and often writes from a place of great human awareness: personal experiences & epiphanies, love & romance.

"I relish introspection, and delving into deep thought during my times alone…these are often the moments in which great insights and great music are birthed."

Von has always been in love with music and began playing the piano at the age of 8. Over the years, he's competed and won various piano and songwriting competitions, while continuing to develop his talents. After 2 years at Stony Brook University, he completed his Undergrad at The Purchase Conservatory of Music and received his bachelor in Piano Performance with a concentration in Jazz Studies.

"My Jazz studies really taught me how to learn in a way that leads to endless discovery; and gave me the tools for which to explore my own musical creativity."

After leaving school, Von continued working with local artists in various musical settings: Hip Hop, Jazz, Indie, Experimental, Cover bands etc. With an increasing desire to strengthen his production abilities, he took some mixing classes at NYC's respected production school, Dubspot. Today, Von has worked arduously to become equally adept "on and off-stage". He performs weekly as a working musician at venues like S.O.B.'s, Cutting Room, Webster Hall, Apollo Theater, Paperbox, Nikon Center, Nuyorican, Drom etc. and has played for artists including Chantae Cann, Kenneth Whalum, Raii & WK and Love Experiment. He also produces, arranges, and engineers for local indie artists as well as himself.

Von highly esteems the values of self-enrichment, discovery, and individuality; he believes that music will continue to connect people from various sublets of society through threads of relativity waiting to be discovered.

One of his favorite quotes:

"Life is not about finding your limitations; it's about finding your infinity." [Herbie Hancock]